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Nova Industri is a successful supplier of production and machine equipment

More about our resources

Nova Industri is a successful supplier of production and machine equipment as well as tool manufacturing and spare parts to demanding customers in the basic industry. Our strengths and competitive advantages are based on the resources we have at our disposal:


Our employees naturally have relevant training and certification for the work areas in which we operate. The accumulated experience from numerous completed projects has built our broad competence. Within the company, we work intensively with structure and clear routines to ensure that deliveries take place according to plan. Flexibility in the planning of occupancy and work shifts means that resources can often be freed up for urgent projects.

Machinery equipment

Nova Industri is well invested in new technology and unique in being complete with both sheet metal, welding and machine shop. This allows us to manufacture advanced welded constructions and also process these into a finished product. Our operations are in Kalix and Boden. Our premises are large with a lifting capacity of around 25 tonnes in our welding departments and around 10 tonnes in our machining departments.


We have a large inventory of sheet metal, bar material and pipes in both S355 quality and stainless steel, which means we can offer short lead times.


The proximity to the railway and two European roads, E4 and E10, means that we can offer fast and safe deliveries to customers.

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