Nova can help customers with everything from design to spare parts.




Design & Customisation

We assist in the design work and can help to improve customer enquiries, at times to produce more effective solutions from cost, quality and environmental standpoints.
We review the assignment to ensure that the customer’s needs are met in the best possible way.


Machining & Welding

Our competitiveness is based on our philosophy to invest in new technology, equipment and expertise. Nova Industri is unique through providing modern plate, welding and machine workshops. Where this allows us to manufacture advanced welded designs and also engineer these into a finished product.



We assemble component parts into a finished product, this normally takes place in our workshop.
We also carry out assembly on-site at the customer’s facilities.


Functional testing

The assembled product is tested to ensure that it works according to the specification we have agreed on.


Aftermarket & Spare parts

Large material stocks and flexible resources give us the capacity to quickly produce spare parts for replacement when components fail or wear out. We also carry out replacement on-site at the customer.